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Fruit Foundation

Fruit Foundation is a “blockchain+” incubator with an e-commerce system as the core, supported by blockchain technology, using blockchain distributed storage, openness, fairness, transparency, data traceability, and non-availability Technical advantages such as tampering provide infrastructure and comprehensive governance for the privacy protection and collaborative computing of user data; it can more simply, securely, and efficiently realize the full flow of transaction data.

Make full use of blockchain technology, encrypt and share transaction information, complete the integration of application systems and blockchain platforms in the industry, and realize the seamless connection of new technologies with traditional industries and existing application systems. The Fruit Foundation will focus on village excellent shopping malls, deriving e-commerce, live broadcasting, smart communities, public welfare funds and other scenarios to radiate application layout to more industries. The Fruit Foundation will optimize the accuracy and safety of supply chain data services based on traceability information, and then provide quality services to participants in the multi-disciplinary industry chain.

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  • Buyer-based

    The e-commerce system provides mobile phone users with channels such as brand e-commerce entrances, point supermarkets, and consumption of agricultural specialty museums.

our advantages

E-commerce platform advantages
Adhering to the mission of "village excellence makes consumption more valuable"

Cunyus Mall introduced a token economic ecological model, dedicated to the traceability of blockchain technology in the production, supply and sales of commodities and the positive incentives for ecological builders such as commodity supply, circulation and consumption. Through the blockchain + traceable token economic ecology, the construction of the distribution system of rural e-commerce is completed to reduce the value exchange cost of cross-border e-commerce.

Through the use of blockchain technology and the practice of the token economic model, the trajectory of production and circulation of each commodity is visible to users; so that buyers and sellers can find each other as easily as possible and minimize transaction costs and consumption value maximize.

  • Seller-based

    The e-commerce system is dedicated to mobile management from factory to consumer, from origin to table, integrating single drainage and direct brand.

  • Buyer-based

    The e-commerce system provides mobile phone users with channels such as brand e-commerce entrances, point supermarkets, and consumption of agricultural specialty museums.

  • Entrepreneur-based

    The e-commerce system provides a development platform for private domain traffic entrepreneurs to form groups or operate independently.

Token Economic Ecology

In order to motivate ecological builders and participants, the Fruit Foundation issues an ecological universal native Token, Fruit, to realize the reward system within the ecology and the distribution of the interests of all parties.

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Fruit is an important part of the village excellent ecology. Based on the blockchain issuance and operation of the village excellent certificate, it will carry the functions of e-commerce system consumption points, consumption deductions, shared merchants' profit, global e-commerce business support and other functions.

The Fruit Foundation explores the token economy. Based on the blockchain, it forms an open-circulation and incentive-type closed-loop economy, which enables value creation, flow, transfer, and exchange within and outside the economy.

Plate incubation


A total supply of 999,000,000,000 Fruit Token will be created, 100% will be used for distribution.

  • Share of software development team: 1.001000996%

  • E-commerce system client user installation (airdrop) and use client: 10.89089089%

  • E-commerce system channel dealer (agent) team: 25.712712712%

  • Holders of existing e-commerce platform points: 0.002078201%

  • Early supporters, community builders: 20%

  • Fruit Foundation Ecological Construction Fund: 40%

  • Village excellent group deployment: 1.392316192%

  • Consultants and strategic partners: 1.001001004%

  • Founder's share 1


Fruit Foundation is a Singapore-registered foundation under Murata Group. It links the high-end resources of many countries and regions; the professional technical team established by it has the world's competitive comprehensive R&D strength, gathers top talents in various technical fields, and has rich experience in industrial projects. The foundation management team includes many founders and executives of various foundations, and has rich multi-industry operational experience and market resources.